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Cheng Si Yang

Financial market analyst

Is a well-known financial analyst with many years of professional trading experience, accurate analysis, stable stop loss take profit, mainly engaged in gold, crude oil and forex trading and analysis. With trading philosophy: For gold trading, taking profit is the key to profit. In addition, he was invited to lecture at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Zhou Qin Yuan

Expert in managing funds through technical analysis and information

He has been involved in financial analysis of securities and commodities for almost 10 years. He is a PhD in economics and a senior economist. Currently doing research on precious metals, forex, equities, equities, futures and other industries. He makes good use of the combination of technical information, trades with trend analysis as the focus, risk control as the focus, attention to risk control and fund management, with a theoretical background. solid and practical xperience. Widely recognized by investors for his decisiveness and shrewd analysis.

Luo Xian Qing

Experts counterpart funds, risk control

Born in the financial industry, in 2013, he was awarded the CFA certificate “Global Finance”. An expert in risk control, fund research and has studied cryptocurrencies for the past 8 years, he has experience in fund reciprocity, especially in the use of leverage. In the industry he is famous for careful trading, due to the relatively conservative trading method of risk control, many investors have accumulated a lot of experience with the original fund and this is also recognized by many investors. New investment to pursue.

Chen Juan

Financial market analyst

Chen Juan is an international trade and finance expert, she is called "Senior Economist", she used to teach at a famous university in China in her early years. As an expert forex analyst in the industry, mainly engaged in forex and gold trading with solid financial market knowledge and practical background, she has participated in major financial forums in and abroad. She has extensive knowledge of K line chart technical analysis, grasps trend direction, combines volatility with precise lines with trend and trades on the right. Understand the rules of origin and market rhythms to achieve stable profits.

Yao Yi

Specialized charting unique K-line

Senior forex analyst, mainly engaged in analysis, research and operation of foreign exchange, virtual currency and securities products, has solid financial market theoretical knowledge and practical background, has been invited to participate in major financial forums at home and abroad. He specializes in analyzing the use of the unique K-line, taking the general trend direction, the correct combination of lines and waves, trends and trading on the right. Adhering to the market rules, applying the laws of the market and grasping the rhythm of the market, in order to stabilize profits.

Lu Yi Feng

Expert in K-line chart analysis

He graduated from Princeton University with a master's degree in economics and is a senior forex analyst with 18 years of forex investment experience, he has studied K line charts for many years, specializing in line combinations. K, moving averages, horizontal lines and trend lines. He has accumulated rich experience in forex and gold with a stable trading method, turning small profits into big profits, and so far he has over 11 years of making stable profits.

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